Points2shop Merits & Team Competitions


Merits are used in the points2shop Team Competitions, the idea is to save up your merits then donate them to your team, the team with the most merits donated at the end of the competition wins the prize.

The top prize is $30 cash, merits are collected by signing in each day (1 merit), doing Quests & on the Spin2Win minigame. They have recently started a random ‘Double Merits Day’ where you will get 2 merits for every 1 you would have otherwise received.

1st Place
2nd Place $25.00
3rd Place $20.00
4th Place $15.00
5th Place $12.00
6th Place $10.00
7th Place $8.00
8th Place $6.00
9th Place $4.00
10th Place $2.00