Do Points2shop Scam You?

Is points2shop a scam? Many people ask if points2shop scam you so its worth putting this on its own page. Put simply, no, its NOT a scam, the site is real & it DOES pay out what it says it does. As a new member you are unknown to them so you must confirm your identity, this is done by them sending you a free gift from, your bonus of 250 points that you get for joining is worth $2.50 on amazon & they expect you to order something to prove you are a real person with a real address. For my first freebie i ordered a packet of cd/dvd marker pens. They came within a week & i was shown for myself that this site works.


Points2shop 1st reward, free facebook credits, points2shop scam

 There are many many thousands of small items you can order as your first item, these range from Poprocks (60 points) to a real $1 note (100 points), these can be bought with the 250 points you get for signing up with Points2Shop. For UK users a 2 point sim card is the cheapest way to verify your address or a small microfibre cloth for 2 points (including delivery charges!).



free facebook credits

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