Points2Shop is a GPT site, for anybody who’s wondering what a GPT site is, its a website where you Get Paid To do stuff, in points2shop’s case you can watch advertisers videos, fill in surveys, bet in games against other members, do small tasks like those shown in the Tasks section aswell as get great deals when buying stuff through the links given (“Trialpay” & “Trials & Paid” sections), for example, i received $7.50 for joining godaddy & buying a $5 domain name, ok, i had to spend the $5 first but i was paid the $7.50 within 20 minutes of me completing the godaddy signup process, godaddy just gave me a free domain name & 2 ½ bucks, cant be bad. The vast majority of offers on p2s are free though & if you never want to pay out a penny & get free stuff off the internet then this is the site you are looking for.

People from the USA & UK get given 250 points when joining the site, thats $2.50 in virtual money, you can spend that $2.50 right away to prove to yourself that the site isnt a scam or fake & to prove to points2shop that you are not a robot computer program joining up to post spam on the site, to confirm my account i got a 6 pack of cd/dvd writing pens for 99 points inc postage & packaging, they were delivered to my door a few days later by my postman.

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