Points2Shop & Crowdflower’s Tasks

One of the best earning External offers is the points2shop Recurring Tasks section, this section is controlled by Crowdflower who are a very well respected company, they take in work much like the Amazon Turk style system where, for one example, an advertiser needs 5000 people to search google for a certain term, lets say “fishing inverary” is the term, they would then ask you to open the 1st 3 pages found when you search google for “fishing inverary”, simply copy & paste the webpage address from the top of the pages you have opened in theboxes specified. They check your work by asking a control question that they already know the answer to, for example, they may ask you to type “fishing inverary ” followed by a space into google & ask you what the auto-suggested phrases are, in this case the suggestions are “pier” & “ontario”, simply insert the answers into the given boxes & type in “na” (not applicable) for the rest of the boxes.

This particular task takes me about 2 minutes per page & earns 20cents per page + an 8c bonus for being 100% correct on the test questions, doing it 10 times takes around 20 minutes & you will have $2.80 you can withdraw via Paypal, Alertpay, Cheque & lots of other payment methods, or you can convert it to points to use on amazon.

Recurring Tasks payout every 12cents, so if you have a really simple task (for example ‘marking’ other peoples ‘harder’ work) then you may earn 2cents per page but you wont get paid until you have got 12cents ‘saved up’, 2cents per page may sound like its not worth doing BUT each page only takes 30-45 seconds & a few clicks of your mouse, the bonus for answering the test questions correctly applys here too, so once you hit the 12c payout point you will more than likely get given 18cents instead of 12.